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3D Printing Enters Into Star Culinary Art

3D printing has now entered the world of high culinary art. Award-winning star chef Tohru Nakamura is using the Procusini 3D Food Printing System in his restaurant "Tohru in der Schreiberei" in Munich.

"Filigree objects in repeatable quality at the highest level" - this was the task when the star chef first met the Procusini team of the young startup Print4Taste from Freising.

With the use of a 3D food printer, the team around Tohru Nakamura now regularly breaks the limits of manual work when it comes to design. For example, a Choco Chip Cookie in the shape of a Japanese Waving Lucky Cat from Procusini decorates his dessert Castella Cake with Matcha Meringue.

The recipe for the dough was, of course, developed by the team around the star chef at "Tohru in der Schreiberei" in Munich. The dough is made fresh and the designs are produced with the Procusini. Then a few minutes in the oven and that special extra is ready. Profit from the new market 3D food printing - star chefs like Nakamura are the pioneers - the broad market will follow.

Contact HAM now for a quote on a Procusini in Canada.

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