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3D Resin Used to Simulate Mars Soil

Tethon 3D has announced a new use case for their universal ceramic resins, which are available to order through HAM or They announced recently that their resins successfully formulated synthetic mars soil simulants.

Tethon 3D stated they're "fascinated and excited by 3D Printing, materials development and Space! It’s only natural, then, that (they) would want to produce a limited edition object that combines all of (their) passions for a Kickstarter Make 100 project."

Fortunately, the materials that comprise Martian soil are also fairly abundant here on Earth. We refer to Mars as the “red planet” because it has a thick layer of oxidized iron dust on the surface.

By processing a mixture of materials that simulate the composition of Mars soil into a very fine powder, Tethon 3D made a material that is compatible with a power/ink jet binder 3D printer.

NASA offers digital models of some popular lunar, Mars, asteroid and space equipment objects. Tethon 3D selected the Gale Crater for their project. The crater's best known as the landing site of the Curiosity Rover – that is still up there researching the planet today.

Tethon 3D's universal ceramic resins are also now available to order from HAM with free shipping across Canada.

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