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Dental 3D Printing Market Size to Reach USD 12.46 Billion in 2028

The global dental 3D printing market size is expected to reach USD 12.46 Billion at a steady CAGR of 26.5% in 2028, according to latest analysis by Emergen Research. Steady global dental 3D printing market revenue growth can be attributed to rising demand for personalized cosmetic dental care to improve appearance, quality of life, and maintain good dental health.

Rising demand for dental 3D printing is also due to ease of reproducibility, high precision, and ability to produce intricate dental parts with much ease. Dental 3D printing delivers an all-inclusive approach to improve wellbeing of dental patients.

Application of 3D printing in cosmetic dental care enables more accurate dental placement through precise jaw measurement and determination of under or overbites before performing a reconstructive surgery. Also, cosmetic dental care providers deploying 3D dental printing use cone beam computed tomography technology, which minimizes the patients' exposure to radiation and provides a detailed 3D spatial data required to print 3D dental parts.

Dental 3D printing is used in extensive prosthodontic applications. Through dental 3D printers, dental laboratories and clinics have access to precisely designed prostheses for prosthodontic applications, including full and partial dentures, crowns, custom trays, and try-ins. A significant benefit of 3D printing prosthodontics is the likelihood to print complex prostheses from a variety of raw materials such as metals and alloys, polymers, and composites, with a dense structure and fixed surface roughness.

Polyjet printing technology is used for printing dental study models and implant drill guides. The benefits offered by polyjet printing technology comprise rapid and cost-effective model and prototype creation with a high-quality finish and incorporation of a wide range of materials in single prototype/model for improved efficiency.

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