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Justin Haines Selected As Canadian Delegate To The G20

After a rigorous selection process, Justin Haines, founder and CEO of Haines Additive Manufacturing (HAM), has been selected to proudly represent Canada at the G20.

Mr. Haines will serve as a Canadian delegate to the G20 attending the Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) Summit in New Delhi, India, from July 13-16, 2023. The G20 YEA Summit, held ahead of the widely known G20 Leaders' Summit, serves as a platform for advising its governments on matters of business and entrepreneurship policy. The G20 YEA will bring together hundreds of the world's top young entrepreneurs at the Summit to share their ideas with the B20 and G20 leaders to catalyze global change.

Founder and President of Virtual Factories, Mr. Haines is excited for the opportunity to represent and advocate for more than 500,000 young entrepreneurs across the G20 countries, including Virtual Factories network owners. The Alliance and Mr. Haines will meet to affect positive policy change and champion youth entrepreneurship worldwide.

The theme this year is "Hum" – the Hindi word for 'We' – symbolizing the power of collaboration. The theme not only embraces the diverse perspectives that will be shared during the event but also underscores the continued global commitment to enhancing the participation of underrepresented groups in the international trade landscape.

The G20 YEA Summit will culminate with the delegates producing and issuing a communiqué on global entrepreneurship policy that is a call to action for G20 governments to focus upon entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurial education to address job creation and youth employment. The communiqué will then be presented to the G20 leaders during their subsequent Leaders Summit. The communiqué ensures the decision-makers worldwide prioritize the voices and perspectives of young entrepreneurs and keeps these recommendations at the forefront throughout the year.

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