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Reforestation with HAM, Nexa and ForestNation

HAM is proud to partner with Nexa 3D and ForestNation to grow a forest in Tanzania by planting five trees for each Nexa XiP sold.

Why do we care about reforestation? The global manufacturing industry is a major contributor to carbon emissions today. That’s not something that can be ignored or made right by any single action, or any single company. Planting one tree doesn’t make a ton of difference.

But planting a forest does.

In partnership with ForestNation, Nexa has launched their newest initiative rooted in our core value of sustainability.

The first seedlings in the Nexa3D Forest are dedicated to their team. They are planting 10 trees for every currently employed Nexer. That means that their forest land in Tanzania will begin with 1,070 trees, which were planted in spring 2022.

Now that Nexa's forest is set up, for every XiP 3D printer sold, we are planting trees. Fruit trees and forest trees alike will be revitalizing the land in Tanzania, absorbing CO2, creating O2, and creating jobs for the local population.

Nexa chose to work with ForestNation because of their vision, their values, and their experience.

The organization creates opportunities to contribute directly to reforestation in underserved areas of the world. In addition to Tanzania, where Nexa's forest is, ForestNation also plants in Haiti and Kenya.

Further fitting with our values, 80-90% of the staff employed through this project in Tanzania are women. Existing deforestation has ruined the livelihoods of many locals, ForestNation reports. Women in particular have seen limited opportunities, and adding more paid jobs that contribute to the local economy and ecosystem have significant tangible benefits.

ForestNatio is committed to creating jobs for women in Tanzania:

By closing the inequality gap by offering employment to 200 women year-round and up to 800 women seasonally. By growing fruit trees in school backyards through our Green Schools Program, where we empower students who visit the nurseries regularly to learn about horticulture and botany. They help plant the trees that beautify their school and the food grown provides an additional source of nutrition. By sequestering approximately 2.50 tons of CO2 per year.(per 100 mature fruit-bearing trees), you erase the CO2 footprint for 2 passengers taking a roundtrip flight from New York to Los Angeles. By planting 10,000 trees you reforest 10 hectares of land. By planting trees along riverbanks, which ensures a fresh water supply. By planting varieties that yield fruit, medicine and oil. By providing additional timber for the local wood industry to source. By building community amongst village volunteers who foster brotherhood as they support tree planting activities and learn more about the environment. By enhancing natural resources that help farmers produce better crops. By inspiring tourism with greener landscapes.”

We’re proud now to see Nexa3D’s sustainability mission begin to take root the world over.

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