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3D Printing Props

The Future of Filmmaking

We help Canadian Studios add 3D printing to their workflows to reduce costs and turnaround times. Focus on your creativity and break boundaries with your own 3D printer.
Prop makers can now meet tight deadlines and streamline workflows at a fraction of the cost, thanks to 3D printing. Studios using this technology produce props much faster than traditional methods, sometimes cutting production time in half. This allows studios to promise more with less, completing work without outsourcing and reducing costs. With 3D printing, prop makers can focus solely on creativity, resulting in innovative prop making. With these benefits, 3D printing is rapidly becoming the go-to solution in the film industry.
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Boundless Possibilities

Advancements in 3D Printing and 3D Scanning not only save significant production time, but also unleashed boundless creative possibilities for your team.

Increased Efficiency

With 3D scanning technology, actors and actresses can be captured remotely, eliminating the time consuming mold making process. Then perfectly form fitted prosthetics are 3D printed for the final production, streamlining workflows and increasing efficiency.

Printing Plastic Skull

Faster Turn Around Times
to bring concepts to life

Many props begin as only theoretical ideas. 3D printing successfully brings these concepts to life under tight deadlines.

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