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3D Printers For Education

HAM caters to Canadian schools because we believe that 3D printing prepares Canadian students for future workforce technology.

3D printing is being used in K-12 classrooms like yours

Conception, visualization and tactile experience make a huge impact in solidifying the learning experience from K-12 students. A 3D Printer can demystify the process and begin introducing students to STEM topics in the classroom paving the way for more advanced topics in preparation for post-secondary studies.

High School Makerspaces

Introducing these desktop technologies is a key precursor to unlocking the budding future engineer, architect or designer. Putting such powerful capability through simple concepts using 3D Printing and having students go through the whole process of brainstorming, planning, designing printing and validation is an invaluable lesson that may form the basis of their future area of study.

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College and university labs

3D printers are a valuable, quick turnaround tool for students and professors alike. Our desktop or industrial printers form a selection of quick to deploy low infrastructure tools for colleges and universities. They're used as a teaching aid, a class project, to complete a final project or even more commonly as a research tool.

These schools trust HAM to help

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